G. Williams Manufacturing carries replacement parts for original antique lamp bases. We typically have an inventory of hard to find replacement Tiffany lamp parts and replacement Handel lamp parts.

We carry complete top assemblies for many 16" and 18" antique lamp bases. We also have a variety of Tiffany acorn posts, three light clusters, riser wheels and any variation of cluster or riser.

If you do not see the Antique lamp base, Tiffany lamp base or Handel lamp base parts that you need, please contact us, as we can likely make it custom for you.

Many of the world's top Tiffany collectors, and most of the famous brokers, antique dealers and auction houses trust Greg Williams manufacturing for authentic Tiffany and Handel lamp base repairs and lamp base restorations.

Current Inventory (Replacement TiffanyLamp Parts Available):

  • Complete top for a 16"/18" base
  • 16" arm sets with center cluster
  • Single clusters
  • Risers - any size
  • Wheels, standard or custom sizes available
  • Round chain
  • Viking Balls and associated parts
  • Old sockets

If you don't see what you need, visit our lamp base restoration services section, we can likely make it for you or find you a source of supply.