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Welcome to Restoring Tiffany. You have found the website of G. Williams Manufacturing, a professional craftsman who specializes in restoring antique lamp bases, with a focus on original Tiffany Studios lamp bases and Handel lamp bases.


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Restoring Tiffany is the internet home of G. Williams Manufacturing.  We have created this site to help attract new customers as well as to showcase some of our previous antique lamp base restorations. G. Williams Manufacturing offers high-quality Tiffany Studios Lamp base restoration services.

For over 30 years, G. Williams Manufacturing has been dedicated to the proper professional restoration and reproduction of museum quality Tiffany Studios lamp bases, Handel Lamp Bases & Turn-of-the-Century Antique Lamp bases.

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Our services include: Tiffany Lamp Repair, Creation of Tiffany Lamp and Antique Lamp Molds, Tiffany Lamp Base Restorations, Tiffany Refinishing, Reproduction, Rewiring, Handel Lamp Repair, Welding, Antiquing, and Custom Manufacturing for turn-of-the-century lamp bases, wall sconces, or ceiling fixtures.

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