Authentic Lamp

Tiffany Studio Lamp Base Restorations:

With the first Tiffany lamps being created around 1895, Louis Comfort Tiffany's works have a long standing tradition of being one of the most desired pieces of any serious collector.

Tiffany Studios' lamps are considered the most creative and valuable leaded glass lamps that have ever been created. There are very few craftsman in the world who have the experience, tools, knowledge and ability to properly restore or repair these works of art. Protect your investment, and hire the best. G. Williams Manufacturing is dedicated to the same quality craftsmanship that was first introduced by Tiffany over 115 year ago.

Handel Lamp Base Restoration

Handel Lamps first hit the market at around the same time that Tiffany Studio Lamps popularized Victorian era decorative lighting. Often compared to Tiffany, Handel lamps were also of high quality, but were originally more affordable than their Tiffany siblings.

Restoring Tiffany and Greg Williams Manufacturing

G. Williams Manufacturing has been dedicated to the proper restoration of Tiffany lamp bases and Handel lamp bases for over 30 years. Greg Williams established the business in 1980, after a previous career as a Tool and Die Maker, and has been making restoring antique lamps and manufacturing reproduction, museum quality, Tiffany stlye lamp base parts ever since.

G. Williams Manufacturing is a small shop, with personal hands-on professional craftsmanship. All of our antique lamp bases and lamp base parts for our customers are individually handcrafted. We relocated from outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to West Creek, New Jersey, just minutes from Long Beach Island.

We have experience in all seven Tiffany Studio Lamp styles, including: Irregular Upper and Lower Border, Favrile, Geometric, Transition to Flowers, Flowered Cone and Flowered Globe Lamps. We also have experience in the full range of Victorian-era Handel Lamp bases.

Our business began by doing repair work for local antique dealers. We have since expanded our repair work to over 60 models of Tiffany bases. All of our molds and patterns are from the original bases, to ensure proper restoration.

Our small, but experienced team has decades of experience restoring and repairing antique Tiffany lamp bases using the original methods first developed by Tiffany Studios. We also can discretely manufacture replacement parts to make your antique lamp look factory new.

Dealers and collectors from around the world trust G. Williams Manufacturing with their Victorian era lamp restorations, and so should you.

Need a Tiffany Restoration Consultation?...

We'd be happy to tell you if your Tiffany Lamp Base or Handel Lamp base is worth the investment to have it restored or repaired properly.